What To Expect Before a Stent Procedure

Image Caption : Stent in Coronary Artery : In angioplasty with stent placement, the blocked artery is widened by inflating a balloon inside of it. The balloon is removed and a tiny metal coil called a stent is left in place to keep it open.

What To Expect Before a Stent Procedure

Most stent procedures require an overnight stay in a hospital and someone to take you home. Talk with your doctor about:

  • When to stop eating and drinking before coming to the hospital
  • What medicines you should or shouldn't take on the day of the procedure
  • When to come to the hospital and where to go

If you have diabetes, kidney disease, or other conditions, ask your doctor whether you need to take any extra steps during or after the procedure to avoid complications.

Before the procedure, your doctor may talk to you about medicines you'll likely need to take after the stent is placed. These medicines help prevent blood clots from forming in the stent.

You'll need to know how long you should take these medicines and why they're important. For more information about these medicines, go to "What To Expect After a Stent Procedure."

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute / NIH

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