Heart, Liver, Stomach : In this image, the anatomical relationships between the heart, liver, and stomach can be observed. These organs lie very close to each other, with the heart being found within the chest, enclosed in the middle of the ribcage and the liver and stomach within the upper abdomen. The lungs have been omitted to better visualize the heart and great vessels that arise from the top of it. The liver is situated below the heart, still mostly contained in the ribcage. The stomach is also partially contained within the ribcage, nestled to the left of the liver. Also visible in this image are the intestines, located below the stomach and liver, taking up the majority of the abdomen.

The torso or trunk is an anatomical term for the central part of the many animal bodies (including that of the human) from which extend the neck and limbs. The torso includes the thorax and the abdomen.

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