Announcing the Launch of a New iBook By Alexander Tsiaras Conception to Birth : The Visual Guide to Your Pregnancy

October 17, 2012

Ten years ago, with the publication of his book From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds, Alexander Tsiaras changed forever the way we perceive life inside the womb. Remarkable innovations in medical imaging technology allowed us to see, in stunning detail, the awe-inspiring process of life unfolding. The book's vivid images revealed the many miracles of development: the heart's first beats at 21 days, the tentative movements of minuscule arms and legs, the complexity of the brain's growth throughout the 9 months.

The reception was extraordinary. Tsiaras was interviewed by Charlie Rose, Oprah, and Terry Gross. His work appeared on the cover of Time. Feature stories about the book appeared in the London Sunday Times, Life, and many other magazines. It's estimated that Tsiaras' TED talk on Conception to Birth has been viewed over three-and-a-half million times.

But From Conception to Birth was necessarily limited by its format: the printed page just doesn't permit true interactivity. Tsiaras continually searched for ways in which to make the data more accessible, more interactive, more usable.

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