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Exercise for Your Life Stage (VIDEO)

The only way a fitness routine can succeed is if you stick with it for the long haul. That's why it is so important to find a few aerobic and anaerobic activities that you really enjoy. Anyone who doesn't like a workout is bound to give it up before long. However, you can't keep doing the same exercise routine forever. Over the course of a lifetime, your circumstances and your body change. You may gain work and family responsibilities that leave you with less time to exercise. You may gain weight, become injured or be diagnosed with an illness that requires you to choose your activities more carefully. As you journey through life, your metabolism and body composition are altered, and you may need to make adjustments to your workout to stay strong and healthy. A careful assessment of what's going on with your life and health is necessary if you want to come up with the best personal fitness plan for your life stage.

In this wellness center, you will see the unique benefits, and challenges, that exercise brings at every stage of life. We have included many useful tips for those who wish to start an exercise program, or fine-tune their current activity level to feel even better. To find out more about the way you burn fuel and build your body during exercise, don't miss " Exercise Basics" We hope you will be inspired by both wellness centers. Use these special features to get the most out of each one:

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An Exercise Plan for You Checking in with your doctor before you start a new fitness regimen is a vital first step. Assess your health and fitness level so you can plan a workout schedule that includes the amounts of aerobic and anaerobic exercise you need. Next, find the activities that you enjoy the most. Your workout should be as enjoyable as possible--that's the best way to ensure that you will stick with your plan. Finally, be sure that you increase the level of intensity in your exercises as you get more fit. Challenge yourself!


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An Exercise Plan for You

Shape a plan that's right for your health and fitness level. Your plan should include activities you enjoy so you will be motivated to keep at it!


Exercise & Kids

Kids who exercise do better in school and have lower risk of obesity-related health complications. Give them opportunities to run and play.


Exercise & Pregnancy

Nearly every pregnancy can include exercise, with a few adjustments. Exercise helps the mother and her fetus stay strong and healthy.


Exercise & Seniors

Regular exercise helps seniors improve balance and strength, and lowers their risk of many age-related illnesses.

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