Nutrition: Hydration Chapter 1

What is Hydration? (VIDEO)

Where there is water, there is life. Maintaining adequate hydration is fundamental to human health as it is to all organic life on Earth. We’re born with an innate and ongoing demand for fluid, but behind the familiar sensation of thirst is a reliance on water to transport nutrients, create blood pressure, eliminate waste, fight disease, feed cells, and conduct many more life-giving functions. At every moment, molecules of H2O flow through every cell of every part of the body.

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CHAPTER 1 (currently viewing)

What is Hydration?

Maintaining adequate hydration is fundamental to human health as it is to all organic life on Earth.


The Thirst Cycle

From the day we’re born our brain and body knows how to detect and resolve a need for fluids.



Electrolytes are salts that dissolve in water and separate into smaller atoms or molecules that carry an electric charge.

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