Cantaloupe, MRI Scan

This 3D interactive allows you to rotate and clip into a MRI scan of a cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe is a very good source of Vitamins A and C. The yellow and orange pigments in cantaloupe, known as carotenoids, are precursors to Vitamin A and have a number of demonstrated health benefits. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, the increased intake of carotenoids from fruits can decrease one`s risk for developing cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

The calories in cantaloupe come primarily from the fruit`s natural sugars, though the sugar content is offset by the nutritional benefits; a single 60-calorie serving covers 120% of the DV for Vitamin A and 108% the DV for Vitamin C. Cantaloupe is also a good source of potassium, B vitamins (niacin, folate, pyridoxine), and fiber.

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