Apple, MRI Scan

This 3D interactive allows you to rotate and clip into a MRI scan of an apple.

Apples are the second most popular fruit (following bananas), and a single medium-sized apple can satisfy half the daily recommended daily intake of all fruits. Due to its sweet taste and generous fiber content (about 4 grams in medium-sized apples), the apple makes a satisfying and filling snack. Apples are also a good source of Vitamin C. As antioxidants, apples help fight cholesterol by neutralizing the oxidizing effects of LDL ("bad") cholesterol on blood vessels. Apples are also high in sugar -- Fuji being the sweetest variety -- though some experts have qualified that other nutrients in the fruit prevent apples from causing a spike in blood-sugar levels. To gain the health benefit from an apple, don`t peel it: a high percentage of the fruit`s nutrients and fiber are resident in the skin.

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