Reverse Aging Chapter 1

I Need A Miracle (VIDEO)

This is the story of John Barlow's physical transformation through Canyon Ranch's fitness program. At the start, a series of medical exams and scans is conducted to reveal many health problems and conditions that John is facing. A cardiologist explains that arterial plaque blocks the blood flow in his John's heart, giving him the potential of having a heart disease. Dr. Mark Liponis of the Canyon Ranch Health Resort serves as the principle architect in charge of guiding John back to a state of healthy well-being. Further exams - taking blood pressure, blood tests, examining the ear, eye, and oral cavity, EKG, and stress test reveal blockages in John's coronary arteries (network of arteries that supply blood to the heart). As the video shows the internal organs of his body, John is telling the problems about his health. Not only that some of the arteries in his heart are narrowed, but John's insulin resistance is low, he is overweight, he has constant back pain, and he is allergic to a lot of food. Because of these findings, big changes should be done in 4 months. John faces the challenges like working out, changing his diet, having acupuncture treatment and others. After 2 months, John is put to the next level of the fitness program. Can be seen that John is continuously trying to improve his health until the fourth month. In his final stress test, the result tells that a lot of changes happen. As the video shows scans and slices of John's body, John is telling that the restriction in his heart's blood flow is gone, his cholesterol went down, his insulin resistance improved, and his body fat dropped. Dr. Mark Liponis is explaining that 4 months ago, John is 56 yrs. old but has a body of 80 yrs old. After the fitness program, at the age of 56, John has a body of a 52 yr old. Through an intensive four month period of physical activity, healthy eating, and wellness training, John is able to completely transform his body.

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