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Embrace Joy (VIDEO)

Positive emotions, smiling and laughter boost our health and longevity.

Taking time to laugh, share closeness with those we love and express our joy at life’s pleasures improves our health. Researchers are discovering connections between our well-being and longevity, reduced risk of major illnesses our immune strength. But does anyone really need to be convinced that expressing joy and happiness is an inherently positive thing? We all feel better when we slow down and savor the best things in life.

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The Power of Embracing Joy

The emotions and mental states that cause stress are responsible for physiological damage that threatens our health. Fear, anger, and sadness cause biochemical and physical changes that threaten our cardiovascular health, immunity and quality of life. Mark Liponis, M.D., Corporate Medical Director of Canyon Ranch, explains that we can minimize the effects of those feelings by finding joy. Just a heartfelt laugh or a smile can cause a surge of serotonin that resets our biochemistry and puts us on a better pathway for health.


CHAPTER 1 (currently viewing)

The Power of Embracing Joy

Sharing a smile or laugh benefits health by countering the physiologic effects of stress.


The Biology of Joy

A growing body of research shows that our positive emotions boost our health and longevity.


The Joy of Motherhood

The first moments of connection between a mother and baby ensure a strong, nurturing relationship.


Joy & Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of every aspect of our lives—longevity, health, wisdom and happiness.


A Long, Joyful Life

When people have a clear purpose and take pleasure in life's many joys, they tend to live longer.

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