Monthly Infant Development Calendar Chapter 11

Month 11

There's so much your little one can do! Although it takes years for movement patterns to be perfected, his greater motor abilities mean he can now use a pincer grip (thumb and forefinger) to hold objects, make music by banging a drum or playing a xylophone, dance to a tune (maybe with a little help from you), and even sing along. Improved hand-eye coordination allows him to feed himself finger foods. Give your baby a wide assortment of foods, both for varied nutrition and to help him appreciate different tastes.

His language abilities have evolved, too. Your baby probably responds to simple requests and knows the names of familiar objects and people, although he understands much more than he can verbally communicate at this point, and that can be frustrating for him. You can help your little one's speaking ability if you pronounce words correctly rather than using baby talk with him.

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