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Weekly Health Tip: Define Your Wellness Mission

Published on 2010-12-27 by Deepak Chopra, MD

Here comes 2011! More than 40% of American adults make a resolution to change their ways each year. It may not surprise you to learn that fewer than half keep their promises to themselves for longer than 6 months. Our habits are hard to break, but it's not impossible. To change your life, you have to change your mind. The neural pathways, highlighted in the image, above of an actual brain, carry messages that guide every move we make. Each action that affects our health, from sleeping to exercising to eating the right amount, involves the interplay of specific brain chemicals with other systems of the body. With a clear mission and a lot of resolve, you can break bad health habits. When you do, your amazing brain will adapt to—and reinforce—your new, better decisions.

Why have you decided to improve your health habits now? To feel stronger and more resilient? To live a long, healthy life with your family? To set a good example for your children? To look better? Perhaps you hope to quit smoking cigarettes, and add years to your life. Maybe you simply want to reduce stress, to feel more calm and in control. Decide what your personal wellness mission is. Then visit the other sections of this preview on to help you figure out which choices you could change to live a richer, more healthful life. Use your motivation to change your mind, and your future. 

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