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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Published on 2008-10-01 by Deepak Chopra, MD

To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month, is devoting the next 31 days to presenting some of the best thinking out there on an integrative approach to the disease. Every day this month will run a new post on breast cancer, with provocative thoughts and solutions from Dr. Deepak Chopra, celebrities (and survivors) Fran Drescher and Olivia Newton John, designer Donna Karan, renowned cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk, and the founder of , Marisa Weiss, plus authors, fitness and nutrition experts, and cancer survivors who’ve shared poignant stories of their own bravery – and the days when they didn’t feel like warriors. Each person has written about his or her own knowledge or experience of the disease. Because cancer is personal: We’ve all been touched by it. To read more articles on breast cancer, go to

October 1: Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses how a body fighting a disease longs to return to a state of health and wholeness, and offers reassuring guidance to help women battling breast cancer to find new sources of healing.  Read: Awakening the Healer Within

October 31: Dr. Deepak Chopra closes the month with a look at reasons why patients, and indeed all women, should feel hopeful about this disease and the chances for true healing.

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