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Ask Deepak: Learning to Heal

Published on 2008-10-28 by Deepak Chopra, MD


I have noticed for some time that I seem to be involved in a situation that allows me to access healing for others.  I believe I was first awakened to this possibility by healing myself several years ago. Usually, someone will tell me about an ailment they are suffering from, and I will silently introduce the intention that they will be freed from this ailment. I might reintroduce this intention during meditation, or before sleeping at night. Usually, I will notice that I develop a very mild symptom of that person’s ailment, but then we are both usually freed from whatever it is.  This is usually completely effortless on my part. I had an unusual experience with my daughter, though. She was rather ill, and in order to determine exactly what was wrong with her, she had to have blood drawn. The technicians were unable to draw any blood, and after the 4th

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