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Ask Deepak: Asperger's Syndrome Social Contribution

Published on 2008-12-23 by Deepak Chopra, MD



 I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 1998.  I am mostly affected by any social situation.  I can also, very easily have sensory overload and suffer meltdowns.  It limits my day-to-day life greatly.

I train horses and dogs, spend a lot of time in nature, but when I have to interact with people, I become very quiet and reserved.  I’m much better with animals.

My question is, how can a person like me contribute to my society.  I’ve read all your books, watched your DVD’s and listened to your CD’s.  You have already helped me so much.



Our real contribution to society is through the quality of our consciousness. How much we socially interact with others may be the visible external aspect of our contribution, but it is actually the tiny tip of the iceberg of our deeper contribution that occurs through our thoughts and feelings.


 If we radiate the qualities of compassion, peace, and joy in our life, then those effects will automatically be felt by those in our families, our neighborhoods, and by our society at large. Just by your working with animals and communing with nature, you are generating an influence of quietness, beauty and grace around you. That is a much more valuable contribution to collective consciousness than those who have the gift of gab. 



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